Please read and understand the terms and conditions of submitting research in Dompet Dhuafa. By accessing or using the Dompet Dhuafa Site, the information provided by or on the Site, means that you have understood and agreed and are bound and subject to all terms and conditions that apply to this Site.

Submit a Research Request through the following link


  1. Certificate from the university for students, heads of agencies/institutions for research agencies/institutions and regional leaders for the community. Letter of introduction/letter addressed to the Corporate Secretary Division of Dompet Dhuafa;
  2. Research proposal equipped with a list of interview questions and other supporting data, if any. This proposal must receive approval from the School / College / Institution / responsible Leader;
  3. A statement letter willing to submit research results to the Dompet Dhuafa Library, using a predetermined format accompanied by a 6000 stamp;
  4. Photocopy of valid Identity Card (KTP) and Student Card.


  1. Research permits can be applied for by:
  2. Individual or group learners (Team)
  3. Individual students or groups (teams) from within the country;
  4. Individuals from within the country;
  5. Groups (Teams) from within the country;
  6. Government institutions from within the country such as agencies, agencies, central or regional level offices;
  7. non-governmental institutions from within the country, such as State-Owned Enterprises, Regional-Owned Enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations, and similar organizations;

Type of research:

  1. Research;
  2. Observation;
  3. Surveys:
  4. Interview;
  5. Case Studies;
  6. Polls;
  7. Questionnaire;
  8. Data collection and the like
  9. Visits/comparative studies